What We Do

Vision Smarts develops and licenses leading-edge image and video analysis software.
Our flagship product, the VSBarcodeReader SDK, quickly reads all common 1D and 2D barcodes
using the built-in camera of all iPhone, iPad, and Android models.

Back in 2009, our iPhone app pic2shop® dispelled the myth that reading regular UPC barcodes with the fixed focus iPhone camera was impossible. A unique combination of mathematical tools and proprietary image processing algorithms made it a reality. Since then, pic2shop has been used by millions of shoppers worldwide. Pic2shop is available for iOS and Android.

Our Mission

We believe visual search is the most effective way to access and interact with information on smartphones. Not just because the screen is small or because the keyboard is inconvenient, but because people now use their phones in situations and for purposes that are incredibly more varied than ever before. Together with geolocation and speech recognition, image analysis is becoming a staple of mobile computing. Barcode scanning is a great example, but only the beginning. Our goal is to help you build apps that recognize shapes, text, 3-dimensional objects, people's actions and much more.

Fast and Accurate Barcode Scanning Out Of The Box

Equip your apps with accurate barcode scanning technology validated by millions of users.
Our platform is ideal for retailers, brands, manufacturers and app developers looking to quickly become barcode ready.

barcode scanner

VS Barcode Reader

A software library and SDK using proprietary algorithms to equip your own applications with barcode scanning functionality.

QR code reader

VS Reader QR

A small footprint, high-performance, software library and SDK to read QR (Quick-Response) codes of all types.

HTML barcode scanner

Barcode Shell

Our app publishing service helps you develop barcode-ready native apps with the flexibility and convenience of an HTML5 mobile web site.

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With Vision Smarts You Get

The fastest route to mobile barcode-scanning for your applications, across all devices

Ability to maintain your own brand and identity

Flexibility and ease of integration

Instant presence in the iTunes App Store and Google Play

Apps by Vision Smarts

Our apps don't just showcase our barcode scanners. They offer the most reliable and streamlined user experiences in their categories. Please check them out!