C++ Video Surveillance & Home Automation (with some Python)

If your are interested and are an independent developer, or work with a small employee-owned firm, please drop us an email at job@visionsmarts.com.

We are building a new product that combines video surveillance and home automation (IoT) for individuals and small businesses. It is written in C++17, targets Linux and Windows, and uses Dear ImGUI for UI and dashboards. The application includes a Python interpreter that allows full system configuration and programming. Despite all that, the project tries to be as portable and light on dependencies as possible. The backbone is the actor system provided by the SObjectizer library. The remote client viewer is built in WebAssembly using Emscripten, Dear ImGUI, and a custom variable synchronization library.

The project is well advanced, but there are still a lot of exciting problems to solve. So if you like experimentation, learning new things at the intersection of many modern technologies, this job may be for you!

To be clear, not all the work is about Dear ImGUI. It also involves networking, scripting, agent systems, data serialization, etc. There is also some video processing, but that part is mostly covered already. Here are some examples of currently open tasks:

Please mention your level of C++ experience (with links or references if possible), your availability in hours per week and your hourly rate. We are based in Belgium but you can be anywhere in the world (except countries currently hit with international sanctions).

This is for a remote, part-time, freelance job. Only independent developers and small employee-owned firms please.