Barcode Scanning

Fast and Accurate Barcode Scanning
Out Of The Box

Equip your apps with accurate barcode scanning technology validated by millions of users. Our platform is ideal for retailers, manufacturers and app developers looking to quickly become barcode ready. With Vision Smarts you get:

  • The fastest route to mobile barcode-scanning for your applications, across all devices
  • Flexibility and ease of integration
  • Ability to maintain your own brand and identity
  • Instant presence in the iTunes App Store, the Android Market and the Windows Phone Marketplace
  • VSBarcodeReader

    A software library using proprietary algorithms to equip your own applications with barcode scanning functionality. The SDK provides flexibility of use and lets you maintain control of your app’s look and feel.

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  • VSReaderQR

    A small footprint, high-performance, software library and SDK to read QR (Quick-Response) codes of all types. The API works seamlessly with the 1D barcode decoder, or can be used standalone.

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  • Barcode Shell

    Our app publishing service helps you develop barcode-ready native apps with the flexibility and convenience of a mobile web site.

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