• The Wet Seal (US)

    The Wet Seal (US)

    " The Vision Smarts Barcode Reader has been crucial in executing Wet Seal's multi-channel strategy. The software enables our iPhone app, iRunway, to retrieve user generated outfits based on a barcode scan on any item in our retail locations. While maintaining control and flexibility in developing our app, we've been able to utilize this tool as another way to interactively connect with our customer base. As a result, this unique functionality combined with our multi-channel user generated content has lead to multiple awards including Retail App of the Year Award, given by RIS Magazine."

    Shawn Keim, Development Director, Wet Seal Inc, USA.
  • D.I.O. drogist (NL)

    D.I.O. drogist (NL)

    " Vision Smarts' barcode reader for the iPhone is among the best currently available. It also proved very easy to integrate in our software."

    Bart de Vries, Head of ICT, D.I.O. Drogisterijen, The Netherlands
  • Instant Beauty de L'Oréal Paris (FR)

    Instant Beauty de L'Oréal Paris (FR)

    "Our development team was looking for an efficient solution for barcode scan. Several libraries exist, but the results are not the same in terms of reliability and simplicity of integration. After a lot of evaluations, we discovered the Vision Smarts SDK. The result was consistent with our expectations. The SDK is easy to integrate and the scan is reliable and fast."

    Christophe Cadic, Technical Director, Nurun France.
  • Sccope (UK, US)

    Sccope (UK, US)

    " VisionSmarts VSBarcodeReaderLibrary is an excellent tool for integrating market-leading barcode scanning technology into your iPhone app. Works on the 3G and the 3GS, the technology is fast and accurate with good visual feedback. Works exceptionally fast on the 3GS, if you blink you'll miss it. Very easy to integrate - we were able to start scanning barcodes in our app in under an hour. "

    Douglas Orr, CEO and Founder, Cogenta, UK.
  • Cash4books (US)

    Cash4Books (US)

    "The VSBarcodeReader has provided our iPhone and Android apps with a great advantage over the competition and is the cornerstone of our apps. The barcode reader works quickly and accurately and provides a high-quality, consistent user experience regardless of the device being used."

    Jim Smith, President and CEO, McKenzie Books, USA.
  • The Movie Guide (US)

    The Movie Guide (US)

    " VSBarcodeReader has the easiest API I have ever used."

    Karl Ramonas, President, IDDGroup, USA.
  • NYX Digital (UK)

    NYX Digital (UK)

    " Simple, powerful and extremely well supported. VSBarcodeReader saved us months of development time."

    Victoria Hatch, Commercial Director, NYX Digital, UK.