Make your apps see!

Application developers big and small use our libraries to add powerful new image recognition features to their products, at a fraction of the cost and the risk of doing it themselves. By leveraging our technology, they can focus on their core business and their customers' needs.

Vision Smarts develops and licenses leading-edge image and video analysis software. Our flagship product, the VSBarcodeReader library, reads UPC, EAN and many other barcodes using the built-in camera of all iPhone, iPad, and Android models. UPC and EAN are the types of barcode found on virtually all retail products, from books to cereal boxes.

In early 2009, our iPhone app pic2shop® dispelled the myth that reading regular UPC barcodes with the fixed focus iPhone camera was impossible. A unique combination of mathematical tools and proprietary image processing algorithms made this achievement possible. Since then, pic2shop has been used by millions of shoppers worldwide. Pic2shop is available for iOS and Android.

  • Our Mission

    We believe visual search is the most effective way to access and interact with information on smartphones. Not just because the screen is small or because the keyboard is inconvenient, but because people now use their phones in situations and for purposes that are incredibly more varied than ever before. Together with geolocation and speech recognition, image analysis is becoming a staple of mobile computing. Barcode scanning is a great example, but only the beginning. Our goal is to help you build apps that recognize shapes, colors, 3-dimensional objects, people's faces and much more.

  • About Vision Smarts

    Vision Smarts is a Belgian company founded in 2009 that develops, distributes, and supports software libraries for image recognition and real-time video analysis. The company strives to make cutting-edge technology available in an easy-to-integrate and affordable form to clients and developers who may not otherwise have the resources to develop them on their own. Its clients include some of the world's largest internet companies, brands and retailers.

  • The Wet Seal (US)

    "The Vision Smarts Barcode Reader has been crucial in executing Wet Seal's multi-channel strategy. As a result, this unique functionality combined with our multi-channel user generated content has lead to multiple awards including Retail App of the Year Award, given by RIS Magazine."

    Shawn Keim, Development Director, Wet Seal Inc, USA.
  • Sccope (UK)

    "VisionSmarts' Barcode Library is an excellent tool for integrating market-leading barcode scanning technology into your iPhone app. The technology is fast and accurate with good visual feedback. Works exceptionally fast, if you blink you'll miss it. Very easy to integrate - we were able to start scanning barcodes in our app in under an hour."

    Douglas Orr, CEO and Founder, Cogenta
  • L'Oreal Paris (FR)

    "Our development team was looking for an efficient solution for barcode scan. Several libraries exist, but the results are not the same in terms of reliability and simplicity of integration. After a lot of evaluations, we discovered the Vision Smarts SDK. The result was consistent with our expectations. The SDK is easy to integrate and the scan is reliable and fast."

    Christophe Cadic, Tech Director, Nurun France
  • D.I.O. Drogist (NL)

    "Vision Smarts' barcode reader for the iPhone is among the best currently available. It also proved very easy to integrate in our software."

    Bart de Vries, Head of ICT, D.I.O. Drogisterijen, Netherlands